Worship Team

Jesus Christ has provided a way for us to enter an eternal relationship with God, freely and with confidence. One of the primary aspects of this relationship is our continual worship of Him. The book of Revelation shows us heaven’s main preoccupation is the eternal adoration of God at His throne (Rev 4:8; 5:6-24, and 15:1-4). The Psalmists of the Old Testament imply we are to have that same preoccupation here on earth (Psalm 92:1-3). Therefore, we will give time to worship God through music at our meetings.

Worship takes many forms, but at its core is the idea of surrender and honor given to God. In our culture today many things vie for our attention, and we have found music to be a powerful tool to help us focus our hearts and minds on God.


Worship is far more than just music, but here at the Vineyard, we believe music can play a vital role in helping people connect to Jesus. Are you a worshipper? Has God called you and gifted you to play an instrument? Do you have a voice that just longs to praise Him? Perhaps you have an ear for music, and knobs and buttons don’t scare you? If so, perhaps there is a place for you on our team!